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As a CONSULTANT...What are the benefits?

Ongoing growth and advancement opportunities. Our focus is to ensure that subcontracted consultants are not sitting at home waiting for their next contract! We proactively seek new opportunities for consultants well in advance of the end of their existing contract. As we are primarily focused on Public Sector clients in the National Capital Region, if you are local SAP professional, we can help. 

Support Network. A consulting support network where individual resources can contact other company resources (contractors or ownership) or have access to reference material to assist with issues they are encountering on the job, rather than feeling they have to "go it alone".


Competitive payment terms: We believe our payment terms are the best in the industry, subcontractor direct deposit payments are processed on the first business day of the month.  

No restrictive covenants: We do not require our independent contractors to sign non-compete or non-solicit clauses in our subcontractor agreements.  Our Consultants are Independent Contractors and are free to operate as such. 


Professional proposal writing:  Bid responses to request for proposals are written for our contractors by our in-house team of bid writing professionals.


The opportunity to meet in a social environment. Many consultants comment that gone are the days where spouses and love one’s were included in work related events…we see it differently. Although, we don’t operate as a mom and pop shop, we value the essence of family and hold many social gatherings throughout the year. 


We're looking for:

  • well-balanced individuals with strong ERP and Business Process knowledge
  • team players who thrive in an intellectually stimulating environment
  • To Join the CACHE Consulting team, please email us at