CACHE Consulting's ERP track record over the past several decades is impressive...

CACHE consultants are leaders in the Federal Government of Canada since the first SAP implementation at the Treasury Board of Canada in 1997. We continue to lead the current wave of shared systems implementing new Business Process Technologies allowing the Government of Canada to bring about change in the reduction of data duplication and introduction of business workflow efficiencies.

CACHE consultants are some of the most experienced resources in the National Capital Region when it comes to understanding the intricacies of federal policies and procedures. Their expertise spans various technical and functional roles including project management and application architecture. These consultants currently provide implementation and maintenance support to most departments and agencies within the GOC SAP Cluster.

Since 2010, by leveraging this wealth of experience, CACHE Consulting has seen a 400% increase in professional services contracts. Cache consultants have been key contributors to many successful ERP projects for clients.